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We believe in investing in our community by conducting both our shop and personal business in a responsible manor, and with other local businesses whenever possible, as well as through various ongoing community programs, partnerships & fundraisers.

Some of the businesses and organizaitons we've patronized, supported and/or partnered with are...

Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce, Tompkins County SPCA, Cornell School of Hotel Administration, Trumansburg Rotary Club, Lansing High School, Ducks Unlimited - Tompkins County Chapter, Community Nusery School and The Nest at CNS, Ithaca Fire & Rescue Newsletter and Ithaca Montessori School.

Some of the local companies we do business with on a regular basis are...

Strebel & Strebel CPA'sTioga State Bank, CFCU Community Credit UnionThayer Appliance, Tompkins County Recycling & Solid Waste, Freidman Electric, AirGas, Tioga Auto Parts, Moores Tire Sales, Sam Peter Furniture, August Moon Spa, Comfort Technologies, SignARama, Green Star Natural Foods MarketWegman's & Ports Of New York.




Used Cars


Remember when you used to tie the Christmas tree to the top of your car and drive home? Now our SUV's are so big, the trees fit inside. The new Cadillac Escalade actually has a Christmas tree holder on the dash. --Jay Leno. 12-05.

AJ Foreign Auto

130 Cherry Street (Behind Wegmans)
Ithaca, NY 14850
Business Hours: Call for appointment
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