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We may not be able to alter your driving habits, but we CAN help prevent you being pulled over for an expired inspection sticker, having inoperative lights, or a too loud exhaust.

Many tickets are issued for things that are easily preventable, IF you have someone else helping to look out for your best interest.

We would love to help you too, which is why we-

  • Check all exterior lights on every car at every visit.
  • Send reminders to our customers who share their email address with us, letting them know their inspection is coming due during the upcoming month, so they can plan ahead.
  • Keep an eye on the general condition of your car with free 27 point inspections and advise you when there are things that do/may need attention now or in the near future.

What can YOU do?

  • Give us a call to make your next oil change, or other appointment, and you'll get a free 27 point inspection at the same time!
  • Make sure we have your current email address so you receive a NY State inspection reminder!

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