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Hoses and steel lines transfer coolant, brake fluid and fuel throughout the vehicle. Over time, these parts may crack, rust or leak. So, protect yourself by following the factory maintenance schedule.

At AJ Foreign Auto, we review the manufacturers’ service schedule for your car, as well as perform a complete inspection every time you visit us. If replacement is scheduled or we see a problem, we'll let you know. We provide the options for you to decide on the proper maintenance of your car.

Coolant hoses

These are hoses that transfer antifreeze throughout the engine cooling system, including the radiator and the heater core. A separate set of hoses carry fluid through the air conditioning compressor and into the heater core area.

Brake Lines

These metal lines carry brake fluid under pressure from your brake cylinder to the brake units at each wheel. The lines can be damaged from rust or contact with road debris. 

Fuel Lines

These lines carry fuel from the gas tank to the fuel pump then to the engine. They can be a mixture of metal and rubber materials at various points along the path they travel. The rubber sections can crack over time and from weather exposure. Metal lines can rust. 



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