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  1. We make sure your engine is getting the oil that meets the manufacturers specifications for your year, make & model, so that you get the maximum performance & life expectancy from your engine. (BMW's, Mercedes Benz, VW, etc., have their own specifications - not just any "full synthetic" oil will do - see your owner's manual for the exact specifications for your vehicle, or ask us at your next visit).
  2. If your car's mileage is high and it's burning oil and/or has small oil leaks that are not worth fixing due to the age/value of the car, we recommend a specially formulated oil that's made to help the oil burn/leak less than the standard recommended oil. (Not applicable to all makes/models - judged on a case by case basis. Ask us at your next oil change service).
  3. We have experienced, trained technicians working on your car, so not only do they know how to perform a proper oil change, but they can often spot potential problems so you can plan ahead, and in some cases, help you avoid a breakdown.
  4. We choose to use a semi-synthetic blend motor oil for our basic oil change services that do not require full synthetic oil, instead of the low grade mineral oil that's typically used, because of the additional protective properties and it's ability to help deter engine sludging. (For more info, just Google "Engine Sludge" - many vehicles have had problems with this).
  5. We use name brand, OEM quality oil filters, that are specifically designed to fit your car model, not the universal fit "white label" brand.
  6. We perform a "Safe & Reliable checkover" with every oil change service. Plus, at every visit, we check tread depth, fluid levels, visually check outer brake pad thickness, and always check & adjust tire pressures to your vehicles specifications, (not every vehicle is 30/30 or 32/32 psi that many shops use as their standard settings).
  7. We install a new drain plug gasket (if disposable) at every oil change to prevent potential leaks, and we top off your windshield washer fluid as needed, so you're not caught out on the road with poor visibility because of something as easily preventable as a dirty windshield.


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